Joseph Poutous


I’d love to work as a Sr. Systems Engineer or as an IT Manager with a San Diego company. Alternately, a position with a cloud provider as a Field Engineer or Sales Engineer would be very desirable. I have a strong dedication to the customer and to the user. Making the technology as transparent as possible is my goal.


I started out working in small computer stores about 22 years ago (when you could still buy a 286 loaded with Windows 3.1). I owned ½ of Uptown Computers for 6 years building high end workstations, servers and providing onsite service. Upon leaving Uptown, I spent 7 years working at Roel Construction as an IT Systems Manager. After my very enjoyable time at Roel, I was part of the team at Zumasys, starting in tech support and working my way to Sr. Customer Support Engineer. Before computers I spent my days picking up heavy things. I spent some time in college learning multimedia development.

About Me:

I enjoy working on my old cars and bicycles, playing with my sons, cycling, hiking, cooking and listening to bad music at venues across San Diego.


I try to get in at least 2 weeks a year updating my skills. Microsoft Server classes, Citrix classes, VMware classes, etc. I am currently taking an Amazon Web Services class.

What I do and have done:

While at Zumasys: Sr. Customer Service Engineer - Field Service, Sr. Systems Engineer

(VMware, Citrix, Active Directory, Customer Service, Monitoring, Reporting)
June 2011 to May 2015 - Irvine, CA.

Environment Reviews: One of my primary jobs at Zumasys was performing reviews for existing and potential customers. These reviews were a very detailed deep dive into the complete customer infrastructure. VMware, Storage, virtualization, Active Directory, email server, database servers applications, connectivity were all investigated. The resulting report detailed all the findings, along with customer feedback and a list of action items and estimated times for remediation. These reviews were performed onsite or remotely using GoToAssist. After some of these reviews, I was the engineer that performed the cleanup work.

Engineering: I was part of the team that maintained the hosted cloud environment at Zumasys. Over 100 individual, private environments were hosted on the Zumasys VMware platform. A key duty was proactive monitoring using a solution from Logic Monitor. Later that monitoring changed to LabTech.I was also tasked with customer projects: building new Citrix servers, email migrations, provisioning new VM servers, Active Directory and other projects. I was part of the team that migrated all of our customers from one VMware infrastructure to another at different datacenters.

Customer facing engineer: Most of the work that I did for Zumasys involved working closely with the customers. While I was on-site, it was important for me to make a personal connection with the person I was working with, often taking them to lunch to get time outside the office. That level of personal service is very important to me.

Pro Services engineer: I was involved in and at times lead projects for customers. Building Exchange servers, building new or expanding existing Citrix farms and provisioning new VMs that customers requested were all part of the daily work at Zumasys. I was part of the team that performed migrations into the Zumasys hosted platform. These migrations would start with an evaluation of the customer environment, identification of the needs that the customer had, scoping the new hosted environment, performing the actual migration, testing and finally decommissioning the customers old, local servers and unneeded infrastructure.

Networking: I worked on projects to implement new networking hardware and make changes to existing hardware. Primarily, I was working with SonicWall and Fortinet devices, but I have experience with many of the hardware vendors. I also have experience implementing virtual networking appliances.

Experience includes: Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop versions 4.5 through 7.6. VMware vSphere and vCloud. Windows Server 2003 through 2012r2. Microsoft Exchange 2000 through 2013. NetApp Ontap. Famous Software. D3 Databases and the Accuterm terminal application. MS SQL. Appsense. Active Directory, DNS, Group Policy. Email Migrations. Office 365. Windows Updates. Storage Systems. Networking and Routing. Microsoft Licensing. I have worked with the Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer virtualization platforms.

Software Licensing: Staying square with Microsoft Licensing is a challenge. It seems that the rules constantly change. I was the engineer that worked a 1.5 year project to make sure that all the licensing was true for all the Zumasys customers. This was a huge undertaking, requiring changes to Citrix published applications, Microsoft AD groups and Microsoft group policy. Contact with the customers was key to this project, sometimes there was a cost savings.. but many times I had to contact them with bad news (increased licensing costs) and still persuade them to work with me to validate the user counts.

While at Roel: Sr. Systems Engineer - Sr. Administrator

(VMware, Citrix, Active Directory, Prolog, Hardware, Anti Virus, WAFS, Documentation)

2004 to 2011. San Diego, CA.

In 2008, I was the Roel Employee of the Year.

VMware: VMWare Vsphere 4 and VMWare VI3, VI3.5 – Working with consultants, I built the complete infrastructure. I built all host servers, added new VM hosts when needed. Built the VCenter Server and configured the resource pools. Configured virtual switches, High availability and DRS. I was part of the team that imported 33 physical servers into the newly built VMware infrastructure.

Citrix Farm: Working with consultants and then on my own, I built the complete XenApp 6.5 infrastructure. Installed base servers, created Published Applications and Desktops. Configured Web Interface and Program Neighborhood. I managed and maintained the farm, performed updates and cloned out new servers. The Citrix environment that I built serviced up to 300 users.

Helpdesk: As part of the team I answered the helpdesk phone. I also setup a ticketing system using SmarterTrack for keeping track of user issues and hosting our internal knowledge base. Assisted in training and mentoring new Help Desk team when we decided to bring our help desk in house instead of outsourcing it.

Windows WSUS Services: I built the complete infrastructure. All servers and workstations are updated from local WSUS servers that replicate from the main site server. DNS and sites and services setup so all updating is done using 1 GPO.

Active Directory: My responsibilities included the following skills - DFS, DNS, Sites and Services, Group Policy, Login Scripts and WAN replication.

Wide Area File Sharing: Using Blue Coat iShared File Caching Servers allows remote offices to have a cached copy of all the files stored at the main office site. Backup of remote office files are done at the main site instead of across the wire. Users were able to work on files at local LAN speed, increasing satisfaction with the experience. If a server at a site failed, all the files were available at the main site, users would switch to Citrix and continue working. I built and maintained upward of 20 of these site servers.

Company internal website: I created a basic site in Dreamweaver. Photoshop images for use on the site.

Hardware: Build, upgrade and repair workstations, laptops and servers. From simple RAM updates to complete disassembly/ re-assembly and everything in between.

Tech Support: Work with all vendor support on resolving technical challenges.

End User Training: The users at Roel Construction were a mix of young, tech savvy project engineers and superintendents that had been working in constructions since I was too little to pick up a hammer. Both groups presented challenges. Acceptance of the cloud is tricky to sell and requires handholding and training. The young & savvy want to be able to have instant blindingly fast access to everything and if they think that there is a better way to accomplish that goal, they will circumvent all the infrastructure that you have put in place. The users that are not technical at all need to be shown that the computer, the cloud, is simply another tool to use to get the job done. I was able to meet these challenges and gain acceptance of the tools we presented the users.

Documentation: This was probably the most important thing that I did at Roel. Every task, install, issue, etc. was documented. Documentation comes in the form of calendar entries noting the issue or task so that an exact date/ time is recorded for that issue or task. New installations or changes are documented with screen shots and is stored in a shared tech library.

On Site Setup:  Roel Construction had at times as many as 30 constructions sites all over the south west. Most of these sites had a trailer that would need a connection to the Internet, phones, cabling, a router, sometimes a server and workstations for the users at that site. I was responsible for setting up these jobsites.

Cloud Migration:  I was the Roel lead engineer working with a cloud partner, Zumasys, to migrate 30+ servers into their hosted cloud platform. From the planning to the implementation and then to the final decommission of the old, unneeded servers and infrastructure, I was intimately involved in this project. We were able to greatly reduce the power and cooling needs, the number of local servers and the headache of managing redundancy and backups by moving to the cloud. The hosted storage became the main site for all of our file storage, a key element in the Roel wide area file sharing configuration.

Miscellaneous: Avocent KVM over IP - Maintain KVM system for console access to servers. Across the wire and local. Zenworks imaging and workstation remote control. Blackberry Enterprise Server – built complete infrastructure. Latest version for Groupwise. Compellent SAN Storage – Creation of new LUNs, Mapping LUNs to servers. Dell NAS and home-built JBOD attached storage. Print server – Maintain print servers for local and remote printing. Sharepoint – I built out our current MOSS server and setup the preliminary site.

While at Uptown: Owner / Partner

1998 to 2004. San Diego, CA.

(Hardware, Active Directory, Servers, Workstations, Storage, Customer Service, Onsite Service)


I was co-owner at Uptown Computers. We serviced home and small business customers with high end servers and workstations. We strived to provide the best quality computers while maintaining good prices. Much of the work that I did for my customers was in-store and onsite service. Our business model was to have a friendly, boutique style computer store with very high quality service that was a departure from the no-service-low-price stores that were prevalent.

What I want to be when I grow up:

One day I’ll probably end up running an IT Department. For now I’m really happy being part of the team that makes it all seem like magic.

Letters of recommendation available upon request. Thank you.